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Swedish Essential Massage

Stop the clock and step out of your reality. Our relaxing body massage is ideal for anyone wanting to fully relax.

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $75 | 90 minutes $110 

Deep Tissue Massage

Using a variety of techniques, this massage affects the deeper muscle fibers of the body. Ideal for chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation. Reduces inflammation-related pain.

*Not recommended for first-time massage.

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $85 | 90 minutes $120

Back Exfoliation Treatment

Designed to bring hydration balance back to the skin on the back, this treatment focuses on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and scrub. A perfect treatment for those facing skin challenges on their back.

45 minutes $50

Hot Stone Massage

Utilizing Swedish massage techniques, our Hot Stone Massage is the application of deep penetrating warmth with smooth, heated stones. Muscle tension is melted away with the heat of the stones.

60 minutes $95 | 90 minutes $130

Reflexology Massage

This ancient form of healing allows you to relax into a deep state of calm through application of pressure points located on the feet and hands. Thousands of nerve endings in the feet and hands are energized, thus enhancing the body’s activity through the central nervous system.

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $85 | 90 minutes $120

Massage Prep Shave

Many men experience unpleasant pain during a massage due to the presence of hair on their back. Book a back shave service prior to your massage to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience possible. Service includes a quick, clipper shave.


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