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From Business Owner To Franchisor

Natalie Craig is Taking REGIMEN™️ From Lubbock, TX to the Country

As a child, Natalie was inspired by her grandmother’s entrepreneurial spirit. Setting goals while working with Toni&Guy Salons, she learned the education side of hairdressing and later moved into the corporate world where she was a Regional Director for their 14 Dallas-Fort Worth locations. Her success growing the region led to an offer from Toni&Guy for her and her partners to be granted one of the company’s original private partnerships, located in Lubbock, TX. It was there, after her divorce and separation from Toni&Guy, that she found her own identity. REGIMEN™️ was formed in 2006 and quickly became the premier salon for men.

We are a premier, one-stop grooming location for the discerning man. We combine the comfort and atmosphere of a high-end salon and provide first-class services from consultations to razor neck shaves with every haircut. At REGIMEN, ‘Revitalization and Relaxation’ is the foundation for all of our services. The client is our priority, from his arrival to the conclusion of his visit. No client of ours is ever rushed. Our services include hot towels, aromatherapy shaves, and relaxing 15-minute massages are designed to revitalize the client and help him tackle the rest of his business day. We can provide the client with a manicure that sets his handshake apart from the rest!

REGIMEN™️ became Lubbock’s premier men’s salon by understanding and meeting our clients’ needs. We became a corporate partner with Texas Tech University. It quickly became known among the students, faculty, and coaches as the place to get an excellent haircut. My dedicated clients, some of whom are the most influential people in town, are forever encouraging my continuous effort to advance the salon industry.

From the start, I built REGIMEN™️ to be something bigger than a single location. We are unique as we only cater to men in a manly spa environment where they can relax and unwind. We combine the comfort and atmosphere of a gentlemen’s spa with unmatched quality of barbering services and attention to ensure each client has an unforgettable experience.

Also, as the founder/operator of REGIMEN™️ and a single mother, I knew it would take a vast amount of time and energy to franchise properly. My children were my priority and I was always going to give them 110% of my time to ensure that they became amazing, independent young adults. I would not change that time with them for anything.

My best decision was to not do this alone or to try and be the coordinator for all steps that must be taken to create/market/sell/support a successful franchise. I wanted to be part of a team with an outstanding reputation that will guide me from the first step in the process through opening hundreds of REGIMEN™️ locations across the US. Your team does just that!

I’m the founder of “Walk in Their Shoes.” While in nursing school, I worked at Covenant Children’s ER and knew that one day I would come back to help those underserved children in a way that exceeded wound care. I gave up nursing and began my career with REGIMEN™️, but never took my eyes off those children in shelters.

Since then, I have traveled to meet children in schools throughout Texas and gifted them with new track shoes, in hopes of encouraging them to run to a better future. Since its inception, “Walk in Their Shoes” provided new shoes to thousands of children. Shoes have even reached tribes in Tanzania. I find no boundaries to gifting a child with new shoes and clothes as it aids in rebuilding their self-esteem and dignity.

I also see this loss of dignity in foster care kids, who when moving from house-to-house, are provided nothing more than a plastic trash bag to transport their few possessions. I felt that I had an opportunity to change this problem. So for a year I dedicated myself to design a luggage/duffel bag that is replacing the trash bag and uplifting the child.

The REGIMEN™️ franchise is scheduled to launch in Summer 2022.

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