Signature Service

30 minutes

Consultation, shampoo, tailored scissor-over-comb cut, and
lathered neck shave. Aromatherapy with a steamed hot towel and scalp massage follows your post-rinse conditioning. Beverage included with every service.

Premier Service

45 minutes

Includes all services featured in our Signature Service with the addition of our T3 Service: a 15-minute invigorating scalp, temple, neck, arm and hand massage in the spa area during postrinse.

Ultimate Service

60 minutes

Includes all services featured in our Premier Service with the addition of a Baxter Express Facial using our Baxter of California product line.

Children’s Signature Cut

30 minutes • Age 12 and younger

A fresh haircut with warm towels makes their experience just as fun as Dad’s (ages 12 and under).

Father & Son Service

60 minutes • Age 12 and younger

Take advantage of some time together. The two of you will be treated back-to-back by the same stylist (ages 12 and under).


Beard Color Coverage

15 minutes

Your beard doesn’t have to be grey or patchy. Our Beard Color Coverage Service is great for grey coverage or uneven color tones. Consult with your stylist for recommendations.

Grey Coverage (Camo Coverage)

30 minutes

This service simply covers 75% of greying hair without bringing attention to your color. A simple and safe way to slow down the amount of grey in your hair, coverage will last 4 to 6 weeks and gradually softens without leaving a line of demarcation.

Permanent Grey Coverage

10 minutes

Permanent coverage allows for color to last longer between
appointments. This service covers 100% of grey hair based upon application procedure. Consult with your stylist to discuss achievable results. Color safe shampoo is recommended post-color.

Add Color Service to your Signature Service for an additional 30 minutes of pampering. (60 minutes)


REGIMEN™ Express Facial

15 minutes

In just 15 minutes your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized with this restorative facial using our REGIMEN™ skincare line.

REGIMEN™ Focus Facial

30 minutes

This 30 minute facial is targeted to your specific concerns and includes exfoliation, face and neck massage, and/or corrective techniques for stressed skin.

REGIMEN™ Deluxe Facial

60 minutes

During this facial, you will experience an integrated hand and scalp treatment. The facial massage is a combination of pressure point, steamed towels, and facial spa techniques that will leave your skin looking refreshed and alive.

Back Exfoliation Treatment

45 minutes

Designed to bring hydration balance back to the skin on the back, this treatment focuses on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and scrub. A perfect treatment for those facing skin challenges on their back.


Express Maintenance Manicure

20 minutes

Includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle oil and grooming, moisturizing, hot towel wrap, and hand/arm massage.

Warm Oil Manicure

35 minutes

Specially designed for hands that suffer from dry, cracked cuticles, the Warm Oil Manicure is waterless. Your hands are soaked in warm oil rather than water. Also includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle oil and grooming, moisturizing, hot towel wrap, hand/arm massage, therapeutic massage oil, and optional buff shine.

Gentlemen’s Manicure

40 minutes

This includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle oil and grooming, moisturizing, hot towel wrap, hand/arm massage, Honey Scrub, paraffin treatment, therapeutic massage oil, and optional buff shine.


Swedish Essential Massage

30 minutes | 60 minutes | 90 minutes

The Swedish Essential Massage combines petrissage with rhythmic strokes to relieve muscle tension, energize the body, and improve overall health.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes | 60 minutes | 90 minutes

Using a variety of techniques, this massage targets the deeper muscle fibers of the body. Ideal for chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation. Reduces inflammation-related pain.

*Not recommended for first-time massage.

Reflexology Massage

30 minutes | 60 minutes

This ancient form of healing allows you to relax into a deep state of calm through application of pressure on points located throughout the body. Thousands of nerve endings are energized,
enhancing the body’s activity through the central nervous system.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Our hot stone massage uniquely combines techniques from Reflexology Massage and Swedish Massage with heated stones. Feel your muscle tension melt away with the heat of the stones.

Chair Massage

15 minutes

Receive a relaxing in-chair massage. Inquire about on-site availability.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

30 minutes

Lymphatic massage uses strategic massage movements to help you de-bloat, de-puff, and reduce post-injury swelling.

Cupping Massage

Time varies by need

This ancient form of medicinal massage uses suction through cups to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being.

Massage therapist may not be available at every location.


Barber Head Shave

30 minutes

We use a safety straight razor and the Baxter of California shaving line to make achieving a close, clean head shave an enjoyable experience.

Barber Facial Shave

45 minutes

Enjoy a complete facial shave including beard trim to remove excess hair. This includes hot towels, pre-shave lotion, oil, straight shave, moisturizer, and after-shave lotion.

Beard Design


15 minutes

Complete your look with a polished beard design.

Deluxe Beard Trim

45 minutes

Enjoy a beard trim to remove excess hair, shaving the perimeter of the beard with fresh razor lines. Includes the use of Baxter products to finish the skin.



Brow Design, Nose, Lip, Ears, Neck


Shoulders, Lower Back, Full Back


Hands or Toes, Underarms, Half Arms or Stomach, Full Arms or Full Chest, Lower Legs, Upper Legs, Full Legs, Basic Brazilian, Full Brazilian, Full Body


Men’s Total Retreat

110 Minutes of Bliss

You deserve utter relaxation. The Men’s Total Retreat will leave you feeling calm and better than ever before: head-to-toe massage services including Hot Stone Massage, Scalp Massage, Foot Scrub, and Reflexology.

Infrared Blanket Sessions

Single 30-Minute Session | 3-Session Package

Our Infrared Blanket Sessions act as a personal infrared sauna, helping your body to sweat and release toxins. Benefits include weight loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system.

Combine with a massage after your session for a more thorough all-over detox.

Fat-melting Cavitation Therapy

Single Session | 3-Session Package | 6-Session Package

This groundbreaking technology harnesses the power of ultrasound energy to break down fat cells underneath the skin. Using an Ultrasonic Cavitation machine, you can non-surgically reduce cellulite and localized fat from the body.

Radiofrequency Therapy

Single Session | 3-Session Package | 6-Session Package

Stimulate collagen production to erase lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate tired or aging skin. Radiofrequency Therapy is non-invasive, using alternating currents and heat to reverse the physical signs of aging.

Red L.E.D. Light Therapy

Single Session | 3-Session Package | 6-Session Package

Red LED Light Therapy lifts and tightens skin and encourages cell turnover for a revitalized look. Combine the powers of Cavitation Theraply and Red LED Light Therapy in one session to simultaneously reduce fat cells and improve the appearance of skin.

Massage therapist may not be available at every location.